I just got back from collecting this week’s police report and I had planned to post about the latest target of the City of Charleston’s police department — namely, bar owners without a Sunday sales license.

A downtown bar owner was cited last weekend for not having the Sunday permit. The police confiscated $475 and gave the barowner a ticket.

Looks like it’s part of a new statewide effort to put local police in charge of these things, according to The State.

SLED and sheriffs from around the state will announce a program this morning to beef up enforcement of state alcohol license regulations by local law agencies.

Up to now, enforcement of alcohol violation laws at nightclubs and other liquor-selling establishments that might lead to a license revocation has been in SLED’s hands.

But with less state money in its budget, and with new director Reggie Lloyd setting new priorities, SLED agency is assigning far fewer agents to liquor violations.

Under the new plan, SLED will make some local law officers state constables. This would give the locals authority to cite establishments with liquor licenses for offenses that could lead to closing them down.