Florida roots-rock/alt-pop band Sister Hazel are in the middle of their three-day visit to the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms. They’re duo on stage this evening (Sun. May 27) and tomorrow afternoon (Mon. May 28). City Paper previewed the shows with a “Sound Check” pick in this week’s Music Board.

[image-1] We quoted Sister Hazel bassist Jett Beres (a member of the band for 13 years) speaking on their musical career, but we couldn’t quite fit our “rapid-fire bass player quiz” onto the page. So here ’tis:

CITY PAPER: Just tell us the first thing to pops into your head when you hear these bass player names — we’re not psychologists here; we’re just curious.

JETT BERES: Alright then. Okay…


JETT BERES: Alcoholic [laughs].

CITY PAPER: Stanley Clarke.

JETT BERES: One word? Unattainable.


JETT BERES: Underrated.

CITY PAPER: John Patitucci.

JETT BERES: Blows my mind.

CITY PAPER: Geddy Lee.

JETT BERES: One of my three main influences.

CITY PAPER: Jaco Pastorious.

JETT BERES: Too many notes [laughs].

CITY PAPER: Ron Blair.

JETT BERES: Uhhh … who’s that?

CITY PAPER: He was the original bass player with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, from your neck of the woods.

JETT BERES: Oh yeah! I only knew Howie Epstein. I should have known that — those are Gaineville boys. I actually know [longtime Heartbreakers drummer] Stan Lynch!

CITY PAPER: Okay … John Entwhistle.

JETT BERES: Once again, one of my three influences.

CITY PAPER: Paul McCartney.

JETT BERES: Ha! There it is — the last of my top three!

CITY PAPER: Alright — one last one: Rudy Sarzo.

JETT BERES: [laughs loudly] Umm. No one can lick a bass neck like Rudy!