I am not a mother just yet, so I don’t know what it’s like to try and raise a child, this is SIMPLY an observation. I went on vacation this weekend and noticed that a lot (not all) of children today have absolutely no respect or awareness of other people. A few kids bumped into me or stepped on my feet and looked up at me like I was a fucking idiot. Whenever, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I accidentally run into someone or brush against them, I apologize and say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” and what’s funny is, nowadays, if you say that to people (kids and adults alike) they look confused, as if they don’t know what those phrases mean. Children who are old enough to know better and should have learned manners by now are coughing/sneezing without covering their mouths. Yelling and misbehaving without an ounce of respect for ANYONE-including their parents, who usually AREN’T EVEN AROUND TO WATCH THEIR CHILDREN. Which leads me to another point. The beach and all the shops I went to were FILLED with children running amuck and their parents weren’t the least bit concerned about where their fucking kids were! There are people out there who go to tourist-type places just WAITING for situations like that. It’s scary and rather sad to know that a.) SOME parents have forgotten to teach BASIC respect for others and b.) SOME parents aren’t concerned.