Baby Yaga is Charleston’s newest pop act, but these guys are not here to blend in. The trio — fronted by Presley Randall with Real South Records’ DJ Edwards (drums) and Whitehall’s Avery Greeson (bass) holding down the rhythm section — is inspired by punk and ’90s grunge, and, well, “euphoria.” We caught up with the crew recently to learn a little more about Baby Yaga for this week’s Beat Juice. Hope you’re thirsty.

1. What song is stuck in your head today?

“Vomit” by Microwave -DJ

2. Last album you bought?
Pinkerton by Weezer -DJ

3. Recent musical discovery?

Irish fiddler Gerry O’Connor! -Presley

4. Fave local venue?
Royal! –Presley, Avery, and DJ

5. What’s your best go-to T-shirt?
My Brain Def t-shirt from the summer I band-coached for Girls Rock Charleston! -Presley

6. Your hangover cure is…
The fetal position -Avery

7. Last show you went to?
Heyrocco at Royal -DJ

8. What station’s always on your radio dial?
95.5 La Raza! -Presley

9. Your musical style can be compared to?
90s euphoria -Avery

10. What band have you been meaning to listen to?
Sun Kil Moon -Avery

11. What’s next for you? Shows, videos, song or album release?
Some very special and sensual merchandise… -Presley