Jonathan Minor is Haunters, a post-punk solo project, and his first album drops on Halloween. Let’s hear what the guy with too many band t-shirts has to say about the spooky timing of his new releases, full-band performance of his new album at the Royal American, and more in this week’s Beat Juice.

1. Why the move to Charleston?

My good friend and long-time collaborator DJ Edwards convinced me. He said that the music and art scene here was vibrant and there was more opportunity here. I’m a bartender too, and it’s no secret that Charleston has tons of great restaurants and bars here, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I was already planning on moving. I’m from a small South Carolina town called Pendleton, and I really felt like I needed a change. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. DJ was right about the culture down here. There’s a lot of pretty, affluent, and clean on the surface, but when you live and work here you see that there’s so much more to it than that. It’s not the city that Southern Charm would have you believe it is.

2. What song is stuck in your head today?
“Jeff Goldblum Goes for the Gold” by Fiasco. They’re a local band that I’m friends with, but man do they kick ass. If you see their name on a flier do yourself a favor and go to one of their shows!

Last album you bought?
Companion by Lemuria. Lemuria have been one of my favorite bands since I saw them in a house in Greenwood, S.C. back in 2007. I’ve bought every single release they’ve ever put out, and I don’t plan on stopping. They epitomize indie rock for me in all the best ways.

3. Recent musical discovery?
Rad Horror. It’s right up my alley, and they’re a pretty new band I think.


4. Fave local venue?
I can’t pick just one so I’ll give you my top three. First and foremost is the Royal American. The sound is always on point, they constantly book shows of all genres, and the food is killer. Second I gotta say Burns Alley — it’s just great place to catch a show, and the owner Jimmy Evans is a great guy. Finally, I’m going with Recovery Room. They only do shows on Tuesdays, but it’s the first place I played in Charleston, and the first show I did as Haunters. That night I made a lot of friends, and really fell in love with this city.

5. What’s your best go-to T-shirt?
I’ve got a shirt from an old band called Trophy Lungs that I’m pretty famous for wearing. It’s faded and has a couple holes in it now, but I still love it. Although to be honest I have at least two drawers packed way too full with band T-shirts. I could probably stand to lose a few.

6. Your hangover cure is …
Ibuprofen, lots of water, and a big breakfast. Plain and simple. Something really carb heavy, like toast, and tofu scramble. Gnome Cafe, and Daps are my favorite places to get breakfast here.

7. Last show you went to?
I think it was Fiasco’s EP release show at the Recovery Room with DUMB Doctors.

8. What station’s always on your radio dial?
I don’t really listen to the radio, but my go to station on Spotify is Jets To Brazil radio. The daily mixes are usually killer too.

9. Your musical style can be compared to?
That’s a tough question. My biggest influences are The Weakerthans, Jawbreaker, Lemuria, Superchunk, and Against Me! I think it shows in my music. Too punk for the indie kids, too indie for the punk kids.

10. What band have you been meaning to listen to?
I’ve been meaning to check out the new album from mewithoutYou. Atmosphere just put out a new album that’s on my list of things to listen to as well. As far as bands that I don’t already know and love, that’s hard to say because I’m constantly on the look out for new music.

11. What’s next for you? Shows, videos, song or album releases?
The album listless//stranded drops on Halloween. I’m doing a full-band performance on November 6th at the Royal American with my friends in the bands Living Dead, Catholics, and Kissel. There will be singles released sporadically throughout October. I’m hoping to shoot a music video and release it before the end of the year as well. In the new year I’ll be doing some touring in support of the album. I’m actually ready to jump back in the studio and do some more recording, but I think I’ll put in the leg work for this one first.