Four years ago, Robbie Madison’s jazz quartet became the regular band at Eli’s Table. That was when the phone calls started pouring in from local musicians wishing to collaborate with him. The result? The Robbie Madison Band, a combination of gospel and contemporary musical styles. The group’s been performing together regularly for a little over a year now, connected not only by creativity but also the drive to speak meaningful messages.

Check out this week’s Beat Juice to see what else Madison’s got to say about the band — and his super hero tank tops.

What song is stuck in your head today?

Tori Kelly’s “Psalm 42” from her new record Hiding Place.

Last album you bought?

I just bought Mikel Simmons (my little brother’s) single called “Trouble,” and Doom Flamingo’s (local band) two singles.

Recent musical discovery?

I’m working on my master’s of arts in teaching and conducting at CofC. It’s rekindled my love for classical music and jazz-vocal ensemble music, so I’m delving into that now.

Fave local venue?

Rusty Bull Brewery. It’s like a home for our band. Super laid back, and I can invite tons of people since there’s so much space. It’s wonderful!

What’s your best go-to t-shirt?

I’m more so known for wearing tank tops. Especially super hero tank tops.

Your hangover cure is …

Don’t drink too much lol.

Last show you went to?

Honestly at this moment I can’t think of it, because I’m so excited to see NeedtoBreathe and Johnnyswim this weekend in Charleston! I have lots of friends in the band — and also we named our daughter after a Johnnyswim song “Adelina,” so it’s going to feel so different this way.

What station’s always on your radio dial?

People may be surprised but 95.9 the pop station, 99.7 Steve Harvey Radio show, and His Radio.

Your musical style can be compared to?

Depends on what music I’m performing, but you can always hear the jazz influence. I get Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, and Kurt Elling. And then I get John Legend a lot.

What band have you been meaning to listen to?

Hmm not sure, but seeing Bruno Mars and Beyonce are major bucket list items.

What’s next for you?

I have an album that is about to release in a couple of months that I am excited about! It’s my first full-length album,called When Creation Responds. It’s a mixture of gospel, contemporary and jazz. My full band played on the album with the help of some guest artists as well.

I released three singles in the past year: “Psalm 23” that features the London Philharmonic, “Sometimes I Forget” by Robbie Madison, and Kustom and I co-wrote a song with Seacoast Worship called “Strength and Victory” that was used in the major film Samson that released last year.

Two big shows I’m looking forward to are December 14, I will be opening for Seacoast Worship’s Christmas Concert at the Gaillard Center. Tickets are on sale now! And January 25 we will be performing in the Charleston Jazz Festival for the first time!