[image-1]There is something about good soul music that draws in just about anyone willing to listen. The voice of young soul singer-songwriter Tynishia Brown a.k.a. Sævi is no different, as she wins fans with writing sweet melodies and wearing her heart on her sleeve. Brown harps on emotional experience in her last EP, which sounds as if it’s coming from an old soul — but at only 24-years-old it’s safe to say Sævi has a long, exciting road ahead of her.

However, music isn’t her only passion. Brown loves to serve her community and even hosted Charleston’s first lupus walk this past September. She juggles her community service work and music with pursuing a degree at the College of Charleston, where she will graduate this May. Find out more about this Manhattan native in this week’s Beat Juice.

Any big goals for this year?

My biggest goal is to record and release my first album and to perform at SOBs in NYC. As of right now, I have an EP titled Experience available for the public to listen to on all the streaming service as well as iTunes.

Current soul artist inspiration?

I’m really inspired by artists like Anderson Paak , Thundercat , KING, and Sampha.

How do you spend your spare time when you aren’t making music?

At the moment, I work and attend college so that takes a lot of my time up. But, it won’t for long since I’m graduating this May. Woot! Woot! I also practice piano and I’m learning some acting but that applies to school too, so yeah.

Favorite spot to hang out on a Friday night in Charleston?

Probably the Purple Buffalo — there’s always some type of show going on there. I like coming out to support.

If you went on a world tour, where would you make your first stop?

It’s funny because I would probably perform at home in NYC. Specifically at Madison Square Garden. That’s a dream of mine.

Last show you went to?

It was at Purple Buffalo with Don Crescendo, Charleston Poet and a few others were performing.

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

Wowww that’s really hard. I guess maybe SchoolBoy Q.

Who influences your music the most?

Ella Fitzgerald. Lyrically, we have a lot of the same content. I constantly go back and referenceideas from her work. In the recent years, Amy Winehouse (RIP) and Rihanna. 

Bad habit you are trying to break?

Spending an obnoxious amount of money on food. I can be very particular sometimes. *sigh*

What’s the best thing about living in the Holy City?

That it’s a city. I like the city vibe. It reminds me of home. Downtown specifically. I like the liveness at night (on weekends). I also like the culture here. I like to observe different festivals and things of that nature.

Any upcoming shows or projects you are excited about?

Most of this is taking place after graduation but I’ll be in Atlanta and NYC performing. I’m really excited about that. I worked really hard to get in connection with some good folks so it’s a lituation. I’m also very excited to be releasing my first album!

There’s some dope videos that will stem from it. Be on the look out!