Meet Lauren Hall, a local singer-songwriter on the rise with a heart for Taylor Swift and a couple of exciting performances up her sleeve set for Honkytonk Saloon as well as Charleston Music Confab. We recently had a chance to find out a little bit more about the artist — read all about Hall in this week’s Beat Juice:

What song is stuck in your head today?

“What Keeps You Up at Night” by Dan + Shay

Last album you bought?

Carly Pearce. Love her music! She’s really been a huge influence on me as an artist and songwriter.

Recent musical discovery?

Lori McKenna. She’s written so many amazing songs that have been recorded by other artists and I’ve really been enjoying her new album “The Tree.”

Fave local venue?

Ooh, that’s a hard one. Charleston really is such a growing music town/community! I’d have to say my favorite recent place I’ve played was the Music Farm. Although I hear Music Hall is pretty cool, too. I’m looking forward to playing there the end of August for the Charleston Music Confab!

Best go-to T-shirt?

I love wearing artist T-shirts I get from concerts, so probably a band or artist logo shirt!

Your hangover cure is …

Well since I turned 21 last year I haven’t had too much experience to know a lot of hangover cures, but I usually just get some caffeine and hydrate, and working out seems to help me, surprisingly.

Last show you went to?

Bud Light Getaway at North Charleston Riverfront Park with Sam Hunt, Lil Jon, Dashboard Confessional, and Harry Hudson — That was a really fun show! Speaking of hangovers … Haha

Favorite place to write?

I have a room over my garage that is a rehearsal space for my band, so I like to write in there a lot. This might sound weird, but I actually prefer to write in the bathroom where this room is. I don’t know why — I think the acoustics just make everything sound better.

What is your pre-show routine?

I usually run through a few songs by myself on my acoustic and warm up. My faith is very important to me too so I like pray before every show to help get my mind in the right place.

Who had the biggest influence on your musical career?

I don’t know if I can say there’s one person in particular because I’ve been very fortunate to have some pretty incredible people pour into my life over the years. My family has always supported and encouraged me to do what I love, and my dad is actually the drummer in my band so he’s played a big part in my musical influence. Also, the rest of my band has been a huge influence on me as well. They’re all older than I am, so I’ve really been able to learn a lot from them. If I had to say an artist that influenced me the most though it would have to be Taylor Swift. She’s just such an amazing songwriter and I really admire the way she carries herself as an artist.

What’s next for you?

 Lots of exciting things coming up! We’ll be playing this Wednesday at Honkytonk Saloon opening for Jordan Davis, and then the end of this month we’ll be one of the featured acts in the Charleston Music Confab showcase Fri. Aug. 31 at Charleston Music Confab along with the Blue Pickups Band, Beam, Austin Burke, and Chase Bryant. I’m also working on a new EP at the moment. I should be heading up to Nashville in the next month or so to start recording. Hope to have new music out in the next few months. All music and show updates can be found on my socials: Facebook, Instagram.