Inn Vinegar is three-piece out of the college of Charleston, describing themselves as “jazz-rock-experimental-western-math-pop” — with a question mark. They incorporate influences from jazzy Badbutnotgood to fringe-rock Stereolab with their use of trombone, synth and pedal steel in addition to the usual suspects. The group is gearing up to record an album early in the new year and drop more singles alongside “Cute Little Box,” so let’s see what else they have to say about themselves in this week’s Beat Juice.

Why start Inn Vinegar?
All three of us (Jesse Shafer on guitar, McCarthy Fitch on bass, and Alex Brouwer on drums) have been good friends for the last few years, but playing in different bands. Early this year none of us had a musical outlet, so we decided to start this band. It was basically a no brainer, since we all gravitate towards the same music.

What is the inspiration for your first single, “Cute Little Box”?

We don’t really like to delve into the meanings of the songs. But a friend of ours said the phrase “cute little box,” and it sounded like a good song title that gave the song open-ended content. The chords matched up perfectly with the 3/4 beat we accidentally created on a toy-ish Wurlitzer organ.

What song is stuck in your head today?
Jesse: “Sky Blue Sky” by Wilco
Alex: “Kitchen” by Lemonheads
McCarthy: “Hunted by a Freak” by Mogwai

Last album you bought?
Jesse: “Ghost Town” by Bill Frisell
Alex: “Repeater” by Fugazi
McCarthy: “B-52s” by B-52s

Recent musical discovery?
The Charleston Latin Jazz Collective

Fave local venue?
Graveface Records & Curiosities

What’s your best, go-to T-shirt?
Whatever we have

Your hangover cure is …
Miss Sharifah

Last show you went to?
We went to see Cory Henry & the Funk Apostles last week. We were stunned!

What station’s always on your radio dial?
96.3 OHM radio, Charleston’s community radio station. There’s always something good on that station. 89.3 also works.

Your musical style can be compared to?
Badbadnotgood, Jeff Buckley, Mogwai, Radiohead, Daniel Lanois, Weather Report, Stereolab, Horace Silver, Chet Atkins

What band have you been meaning to listen to?
We listen to all the bands we’ve been meaning to listen to…

What’s next for you? Shows, videos, song or album releases?

We are currently in the process of writing new songs and we plan on recording an album early next year, as well as a couple more singles between now and then. We are also each working on our own individual musicality.