Local folk artist Becca Leigh re-released her Doxologies EP yesterday with Charleston label Coast Records. Originally self-released last August, Doxologies, according to Leigh, is a very place-specific collection of songs. “I spent some time living in southwest France a few years ago, and a lot of the writing happened there,” she explains. “The title track especially evokes imagery of the town where I lived — watching the sunrise one morning and witnessing the moment between darkness and light when all of the street lights come on — ‘on the banks of the Tarn,’ a river I grew to know well.”

With such titles as “Garden Bed,” “In the Wind,” and “The River,” Doxologies tends to center around natural imagery. “There is a power and purity to the natural world I find so appealing and easy to relate to,” Leigh says. But there are also the underlying themes of spirituality — hence the reference to doxology, an expression of praise to God — in addition to the experiences of her friends and how they relate to the songwriter. Ultimately, Leigh hopes anyone can connect with the lyrics. “To me, the songs are a juxtaposition of melancholy and hope,” she says.

The beautifully delicate “Garden Bed” is a coming-of-age track of sorts — “a song about growing up, witnessing terrible things, experiencing beautiful things, trying to process all of the forces around you and ending up overwhelmed,” Leigh says. “So there is a definite desire in there to return to childhood, to rekindle that feeling of safety and simplicity — having nothing in your mind but a song.”

Doxologies, in all its seamless simplicity, was recorded over the course of several days with friends from Greensboro, N.C., including Daniel Levi Goans, Edd Kerr, Lauren Plank Goans, and David Nicholson. The front cover design was done by Leigh herself. 

You can listen to and purchase Doxologies now at coastrecords.bandcamp.com.