Despite a sudden downpour, the inaugural Hampton Park Camp Happy Days Bed Race rolled out Sunday afternoon. Teams lined the parking lot with their tripped-out rides ranging from single mattresses on tiny wheels to souped up hammocks to Bambam, Pebbles, and company in a Bedrock-style rolling box frame. There was even a caged giant chicken spinning her wheels with a team of hillbillies. Thematically speaking, some teams were a bit confusing, but what those individuals lacked in organization, they made up for in spirit. Lining up two teams abreast, the pairs faced off in a 100-meter dash down the live oak-lined path of the park, the trick being able to turn about their ramshackle cots to make a mad dash for the finish line. It seemed to be that those with the harness system, like the bed made to look like a Conestoga wagon, fared the best. All proceeds from the bed race go to Camp Happy Days, a week-long residential summer camp for kids with cancer and their siblings.