Here’s the wrap:


• Jerry Seinfeld in a bee suit. Oh, Jerry.

• Wolfowitz is on the way out. I was going to make a jab at his silly last name, but I guess those in glass houses …

• Melinda Doolittle was eliminated last night. Apparently American Idol is supposed to create talent, not find it.

• Traction on immigration reform on the same day it’s announced that Hispanics are the largest minority. Coincidence?

•The court says you can still find little dirty pictures on Google. Bigger dirty pictures available at an Australian X-rated car wash.

• Kids are going to have to start learning about abstinence at home. In related news (and I’ll let you draw the similarity) Gov. Sanford vetoed a bill that would have required children under the age of 15 take a safety course before they can ride all-terrain vehicles. He says the safety training should be up to the parents, not the government.