[image-1]It’s been a beery month, indeed … we’ve been preparing for a cover story on the worldwide hops and barley shortage and how it’s affecting the local craft brewers (stay tuned). City Paper enjoyed a really nice sample of Coast Brewing Company’s new Red Legs Scotch Ale — a whole growler’s worth! Brewers/proprietors David Merritt and Jaime Tenny are starting to bottle more frequently, in addition to the kegging of their big-flavored Hop Art I.P.A. and specialty ales.

[image-2]The Red Legs Scotch Ale is an astonishingly malty, slightly smoky take on the traditional Scottish style. The term “Scotch ale” is normally used specifically to identify a very strong, dark, malt-accented speciality from Scotland. Other Scottish styles include Light, Heavy, Export, and Strong. Coast’s version is perhaps slightly lighter in color (deep copper/brown), with a touch heather in the mix of ingredients. [image-3] Well-conditioned, and clean-tasting, the Scotch Ale is

The ale is available on tap at EVO Pizzeria, Mellow Mushroom, Brixx Pizza, and Daily Dose. The next release for April will be a Honey Wheat Pale Ale, brewed with local honey. Cheers to all of that!