You’ve seen the name on menus all around town, but do you really know anything about Caw Caw Creek and pig farmer Emile DeFelice? For instance, did you know he can tango like a sexy swashbuckling Latino? Or how about that his pigs live a “pig’s life” on 200 acres? Indeed, watch Joe York’s latest documentary, and you’ll be amazed at the idyllic nature of a pig’s life on Caw Caw Creek farm. They loll around, squealing and tussling, eating nuts and rooting around the forest floor. No wonder they taste so good and have a fanatical fanbase.

The short film — Ride That Pig To Glory — is York’s latest installment for the Southern Foodways Alliance. All of his films are worth watching, particularly if you’re interested in food, culture, and history. I’ve embedded the Caw Caw Creek film below, but I suggest you head over to the SFA’s site for more. In March, the SFA will be in Charleston and hosting a Potlikker Film Festival where you can bet they’ll be showing this and more.

RIDE THAT PIG TO GLORY from UM Media Documentary Projects on Vimeo.