Community-minded Charlestonians convened at Lowndes Grove Sunday night to celebrate a successful Buy Local Week. The event highlighted all things wonderful and locally-produced, including music from the V-Tones (complete with a tap-dancing routine) and Cary Ann Hearst and friends (in which the singer played the drums “for the first time in the history … of my history”). Body heat and space heaters kept the tents warm, along with the steam rising off a seemingly endless supply of food from Monza, FIG, Cypress (Chef Craig Diehl is pictured), Fish, and other eateries. My favorite was High Cotton’s pork stew, which came with a full line of fixin’s ranging from pickled everything to pork cracklin’s. But if you were a vegetarian, your options were pretty much limited to Tristan’s cheesecake — but is that a bad thing? Any locavore party wouldn’t be complete without booze from Coast and Firefly — and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m the culprit who drank the very last drop of the vodka. Sorry folks. Outside, guests were beckoned by candle-lit lanterns to bonfires by the river and a cushy patio area. It was definitely an event that made us all proud to be locals.