Lauren Hurlock

[image-1] Native Son, a collaboration between rapper Benny Starr and keyboardist Rodrick Cliche, released their first single on March 11. “030220” is a soulful head-nodder, exactly what you would expect from two of Charleston’s finest.

Starr called on Cliche’s band, the Four20s, to create the soundscapes in the live recording of Starr’s 2019 release, A Water Album. Their working relationship is still proving fruitful, and possibly reaching new peaks, on the latest single. “I wrote a joyous number with a black band/ Berkeley County’s boy wonder and the Batman/ I tried convincing you that I am not invincible/ while still schooling students to go and step up their principles,” Starr raps.

Cliche’s production finds that sweet spot between experimental and time-tested grooves. He vies with Starr for the spotlight, making a beat that’s just as ear-catching as the words.

Basically, it’s exactly what we expected from these two and we’re ready for more.