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1307 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley

(843) 763-7200

Chad Houfek at Charleston Community Acupuncture (CCA) understands the importance of community. In fact, as he puts it, community is “quite literally the premise” upon which he built Charleston Community Acupuncture (the name kind of gives it away, no?) Charleston Community Acupuncture has been focused on making holistic wellness and acupuncture affordable to all people for the past 11 years — and if their BOC win is any indication, they’ve succeeded. One of the ways CCA makes their services so accessible is by offering a sliding pay scale so that customers can pay what they can afford. “We do what we do because we believe acupuncture and herbal medicine are essential medicines that everyone should have access to,” said Houfek. Intimidated by the prospect of acupuncture (and all those tiny needles)? Fear not, CCA has you covered with a first time consultation and treatment session to answer all your questions (and it’s just $40). It’s just another day in the life at CCA. Houfek said: “Being a local small business owner is of course challenging, but since day one we have been met with so much support and loyalty, and being a local business in this time is so important to us.” —Connelly Hardaway

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