Ruta Smith

708 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Mount Pleasant
(843) 388-08575

With a Facebook page full of photos that could have come out of the most prestigious antique magazine out there, it’s no wonder people feel like they are stepping into a different reality when walking into Mount Pleasant Mall. The whole experience of scrolling through their social media alone brings back memories of catalog shopping and finding those hidden gems in a page packed with pictures. But, walking inside is a different story altogether.

Featuring over 25,000 square feet of pre-owned furniture, antiques and more, Mount Pleasant Mall is Charleston’s largest resale co-op mall, featuring goods from over 135 individual businesses. Each of those businesses has their own little home inside the larger mall area, letting them all feel independent and unique. Of course, that means, anyone wanting to come and shop, especially those that like to walk up and down every aisle of the grocery store, should probably set aside a good chunk of the day, because once you walk through the doors, you won’t want to leave for a long time. —Skyler Baldwin

Terrace Oaks Antiques