Redux’s Balloon Parade

Nov. 24, 2007. Downtown.

A major problem with art is its exceptional status. Well, maybe it’s not a problem. Call it a paradox. While being something special, a result of humanity’s unique nature among nature’s creations, it also becomes something that has nothing to do with everyday life, something that regular people have no way of connecting to. Redux Contemporary Art Center is here to remedy that. The grassroots organization makes art seem like something everyone can take part in. It did that once again last fall with its balloon parade. November saw Redux’s fifth anniversary, so a celebration ensued with a parade all over the peninsula featuring giant balloons, bikes, jackets and ties, a dog, and a diminutive pony (you figure it out). What better way to get art in front of people than by getting them to scratch their heads and wonder where these people came from and how long are they going to stay?