Bagel Nation

James Island. 520 Folly Road. 406-7869

Mt. Pleasant. 1909 Highway 17-N. 881-1462

Ever had a Frazzle bagel? The curiously named holey starch is a Bagel Nation specialty, a fresh-baked-daily creation coated with coarse sugar and cinnamon and, if you really want to tickle your taste buds, smothered with their homemade honey butter. But even if sweets aren’t in your diet, Bagel Nation’s got you covered, with delicious sandwiches ranging from pizza bagels to onion, poppy seed, or “everything” bagels topped with the traditional deli combo of lox and cream cheese. Or create your own combination of meats, cheeses, or spreads. Oh, the cream cheese! Bagel Nation makes their dozen or so flavors in-house, too.