Ruta Smith

126 Willman St. Downtown
(843) 225-RIBS Ext. 4

2209 Middle St. Sullivan’s Island
(843) 225-RIBS Ext. 3

1205 Ashley River Road. West Ashley
(843) 225-RIBS Ext. 2

The crew behind the bar at Home Team BBQ should be commended not only for serving up killer drinks, but for not missing a beat when the crowds come in. And boy, do they. We’re all a little more cautious these days, what with the deadly pandemic sweeping through, but if you never stopped by the Home Team on Sullivan’s Island on a sunny beach day or downtown when nighttime crowds start flooding in, it’s a sight to behold.

Craft beer after gamechanger after crushable macro cans float over the bar, and this team doesn’t miss a beat. (If you have subjected yourself to more than one round of Gamechangers, you know that things can get a little hairy after subsequent trips back to the bar.)

Frankly, I am sure we all owe them an apology for something that happened at some point, but they won’t hold it against you. Maybe we can consider this a blanket apology?

So whether you’re stopping by for dinner or grabbing a Gamechanger after a little sun, don’t miss the action behind the bar that makes the magic happen. Cheers, HT folks. —Sam Spence

Recovery Room Tavern