Charleston Beer Works

Downtown. 468 King St. 577-5885

Best selection on tap — what does that mean? How do readers define the criteria for such a category? Most likely by the number of tap handles, the width of the assortment of beer styles, the presentation of the pints, and the knowledge of the staff tending the taps. Popular among college students, sports fans, young professionals, and aging townies, Charleston Beer Works is well-known for a large selection of appetizers, sandwiches, entrées, and TV sets. Once again, it’s best celebrated for the impressive selection of draft beer — 33 in all. Incredibly, they’re all available during the 5-8 p.m. happy hour for only two bucks per pint. American pales and porters, local Palmetto brews, German pilsners and hefe-weizens, pale Aussie lagers, Irish stouts, Belgian whites — altogther, it’s almost unbeatable.