Scott Suchy

City Paper readers want to defriend U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham so badly that they must have bestowed temporary emergency Charleston citizenship on the gentleman from the Upstate for the purposes of this illustrious honor. Honestly if you haven’t defriended Graham by now, we’re not sure what’s stopping you. Love his jovial banter with Fox News hosts? Looking to increase your flexibility by watching the senior senator bend his way around details of the latest Trump tweet? I guess those are good enough reasons to keep him in your feed.
The year 2019 was a victory lap of sorts for Graham, the final full year in office before he and the president face reelection in November 2020. They head into the fall with the incumbent advantage and tons of cash, but Graham faces a formidable challenger in Jaime Harrison. For Graham, it might help if the president defriends him. —Sam Spence

Thomas Ravenel