Dr. Mark Luckie, Chiropractic Healthcare of Charleston

West Ashley. 1692 Hwy 171. 571-3100

Dr. Mark Luckie is the rock star of chiropractors — a college soccer standout and a “Top 40 Under 40” professional on the Charleston Regional Business Journal’s annual list. He’s also the chiropractor of rock stars, having treated members of the Black Crowes, G-Love (and Special Sauce), the Barnum and Bailey Circus crew, and the cast of the Army Wives series currently filming here. “I worked on Dave Schools when he came through with Stockholm Syndrome, and he arranged for me to work with Widespread Panic backstage last October,” says Luckie. “They gave me my own room. Those guys are super.”

Luckie went into sales after college, but after chiropractic proved to be the only successful treatment for a soccer-related hip injury he suffered, “something kept calling me back,” he says. “I knew it worked for me.” Practicing in Charleston since 1998, Luckie’s built a family of clients who recommend his gentle adjustments for ailments from back pain to migraines. He compares chiropractic to removing a pebble from a shoe. “You can give your foot a shot to help the discomfort, but you’re not removing the cause of the problem.”

If Luckie had anything to do with how loose guitarist Jimmy Herring was at last year’s Panic show, then the good doctor’s got a magic touch.