Glenn McConnell

10 Ways Glenn McConnell is a “good Confederate”:

1. The McConnell family’s Confederate store, CSA Galleries in North Charleston, offers souvenirs, art prints, and food, including Dixie Dew bottled water, and gourmet hot dogs with names like The Dixie Dog, The Union Dog, The Mason Dixon Dog, and The Good ‘Ol Rebel Dog.

2. The state senator has led the charge in preserving the Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley, shepherding millions of dollars to the preservation project. “The Hunley is more than a submarine,” McConnell has said. “It is a message that continues to tell us that duty, honor, and valor will endure forever.”

3. Owns the Confederate Creamery and Coffee Co.

4. After The State newspaper reported that SCANA, parent company to South Carolina Electric and Gas, banned employees from bringing Confederate paraphernalia to work, McConnell suggested the state should deny contracts to any company that “tramples on free speech.” The company later corrected The State report, claiming the policy broadly banned any reasonably offensive material.

5. A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

6. Dons rebel duds and plays war.

7. Recently called for the creation of the South Carolina Civil War Sesquicentennial Advisory Board.

8. Fought to keep the Confederate flag flying over the Statehouse.

9. Ended up getting the flag moved to an even better spot in front of the Statehouse.

10.The flag’s still flying, ain’t it?