Ruta Smith

It seemed like West Ashley kept getting overlooked by Charleston’s leadership, and Brantley Moody was tired of it. He decided to run for County Council, and lo and behold, he got himself elected in 2016. Since then, he says, he’s gotten a lot of work done — roads have been repaved, I-526 is back on track and the West Ashley Revitalization Project is rolling. There’s a lot of focus on West Ashley now, but with all of it going on, Moody can’t seem to stop smiling about I-526.

“I think this award is a validation of some of the hard work that’s been going for the last few years,” Moody said. “Getting 526 restarted is something that 75 percent of residents of West Ashley support. That’s a mandate, and I was elected in part to get that done, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Keeping his campaign promises is one of the proudest points for Moody and his election team. He says he is looking forward to keeping the ball rolling for West Ashley in the coming years, and the momentum that its community has now will only make things easier for both its residents and leadership. —Skyler Baldwin

Herb Sass