O’Quinn School

James Island. 1567 Harbor View Road. 795-6708

Mt. Pleasant. 955 Houston Northcutt Blvd. 881-8506

“I like doing flips and somersaults,” says Jenny Doe, who spends her afternoons doing gymnastics at the O’Quinn School. “I’m going to the Olympics when I grow up.” At O’Quinn, academics are accompanied by a heavy dose of extracurricular activities like karate, art, French, and ballet. “I can speak a different language,” boasts Doe. “I know what Pepé Le Pew says. He says ‘oui’ and that means ‘yes.'” Founded by Linda O’Quinn in 1972, the school has set a standard of excellence in early childhood education and childcare with a structured curriculum complemented by quality, certified teachers. The class sizes also provide a wonderful atmosphere for acquisition and socialization, with a ratio of one teacher for every six students.