Dr. Thomas Weir

James Island. 113 Wappoo Creek Dr. Suite #5. 762-1234

Haven’t been to the dentist in years because you hate waiting rooms? Dr. Weir’s office has cable and a “bring your own movie” DVD player. He says the most popular stations for killing time between fillings are CNN, Fox News, and soaps.

Dr. Weir has been in Charleston since 1988, but his James Island office has recently grown, taking on Dr. James Thomas III as his associate. He also teaches parttime at MUSC on implant placement and ridge and bone grafting.

Weir’s not only known for brushing his own teeth four to five times a day, but also for his interest and respect for his patients, often getting to know their families. He knows patients are busy and makes a point to see them at their appointment time, so you might want to Tivo the Days of our Lives you were watching.