It was a long election cycle for District 115 voters. A well-mannered Democratic Primary between Platt and winner Anne Peterson Hutto led to a tumultuous court battle over Platt’s right to run on the November ballot as the Green Party candidate. Platt was eventually kept off the ballot due to a pledge he signed that was designed to keep primary losers from running again in November. Come Election Day, Scarborough, a Republican looking for his fifth term, lost by more than 200 votes. He appealed the election, claiming some voters had placed illegal ballots because they had moved without updating their voter card. While the appeal was under consideration, Scarborough showed up at the Folly Beach Christmas Parade with a sign claiming he was still their Statehouse representative. After threatening to let his Republican allies in the House determine the fate of the election, Scarborough ended his appeal and Peterson Hutto was seated.