The critics are right. Sheep’s Clothing is that good. And I bet it’s getting better every time PURE Theatre performs it. A good story about three high school gym coaches who believe their way of life is being squeezed out of existence. Snappy dialogue that’s about the nature of men, the mystery of women, the importance of teaching good even when those who teach aren’t good.

Spencer Deering’s language has you laughing and thinking, sometimes at the same time. His characters, too. A sneaky little bastard antagonist by the name of Steven has reasons for doing things that are just ambiguous enough to avoid being a caricature. And Luggs, played by Paul Whitty, a tall slim drink of water, gets to wear a fat suit. Not only that, but stage direction calls for him to put on his boxer shorts underneath a bath towel (at least twice (?) when Luggs gets out of the shower) and he has to do all that with the fat suit on. That, and he spends a lot of time putting on his socks.

We know Whitty is a fine actor. He’s proving to be something of a gymnast, too. -JS