Satire just isn’t as funny when it’s labeled in big letters “SATIRE.” In September, we provided a satirical look at the debate over a saggy pants ban. Namely, that a fictional City Councilman named Francis Fussbudget was calling for a ban on popped collars. “It started with the kids raising hell at the Yacht Club,” we quoted Fussbudget as saying. “Then they were stealing polo shirts from the Banana Republic. Now, they’re nothing but cokeheads and Oxycontin pushers.” If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, we said that Fussbudget would next target hooped skirts, ascots, Member’s Only jackets, any tourist T-shirt, and that “Jennifer Aniston hairdo.” While it was evident that the effort was recognized and appreciated by most readers, a few didn’t seem to get the joke. “We have so much more to worry about than someone’s popped collar,” one reader commented. “What a total waste of taxpayer dollars,” another exclaimed. We could say the reaction was disturbing, but, really, it just made the whole thing funnier.