West Ashley. 1290 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. 571-5142

Mt. Pleasant. 695 Coleman Blvd. 849-0711

Johns Island. Freshfields Village, 420 Freshfields Dr. 768-4246

Although Best Home Accessories Store GDC doesn’t have any locations on the peninsula today, their first location ever was located in the heart of downtown. The store’s first incarnation was called Gregorie, Douglas & Co., named after Scottish store founders James Gregorie and partner Sir William Douglas. The current owner, Harry Gregorie, is the great-great-great-great grandson of James and the son of Jane Gregorie, who opened By the Yard in 1978 — the West Ashley store relocated a few times, the Gregories opened a second location in Mt. Pleasant, and in 1999 everything cycled back when By the Yard was rechristened Gregorie, Douglas & Co. (GDC) once again.