Cold Stone Creamery

Downtown. 364 King St. 577-0533

N. Charleston. 7250 Rivers Ave. 569-3101

The cold stone (or, er, slab) has revolutionized the ice cream business. No longer are we worried about scoops. Now it’s a matter of whether we like it or love it or gotta have it. And you’re definitely showing your amateur status if you order a dish in Cold Stone without a topping (or several). Here’s a rundown of some of the sinfully delicious offerings at Cold Stone that are a little bit better for you than most. Note that some of these aren’t “healthy,” just less “unhealthy,” and there’s recognizably better options (the light brands, the sorbets, water).

Best Ice Cream

Bubble Gum


Strawberry Shortcake

Best Grab-and-Go Ice Cream

Founder’s Favorite

Créme De La Berry

Best Cakes

Cake Batter Confetti

Chocolate Chipper

Strawberry Passion

Best Shakes

Cherry Cheeseshake

Savory Strawberry

Best Mix-Ins

Gummi Bears


York Peppermint Patties




Yellow cake


Vanilla Wafers

Oreo Pie Crust