Charleston Lighting and Interiors

West Ashley. 1640 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. 766-3055

Mt. Pleasant. 1109 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. 352-0188

In 1999, partners Susan Barrineau, Darla Pritchard, and Ali Sherrill had an idea that continues to brighten Lowcountry home design. Anyone who has had dinner in a dim, romantic restaurant or worked in a bright, fluorescent office can understand the effect that lighting has on mood and activity. These partners had a vision for a store that placed lighting design at the forefront of home construction, cultivating atmospheres that accentuate families’ day-to-day activities. Consultants at Charleston Lighting and Interiors take the client’s lifestyle into careful consideration when designing a lighting plan. Inspiration can come from several sources, including Broadway dressing room mirrors — the lighting fixtures translate very well to private bathrooms where shaving and makeup application take place. The partners attend four lighting markets per year to stay current. During the first few years, the main areas calling for their expertise were Kiawah Island and Mt. Pleasant. Since then, their customer base has expanded to Daniel Island and the North Charleston/Summerville area. They plan to open their third location in Summerville in June.