Ruta Smith

Some things change over time, it’s inevitable. But others somehow defy time itself, locking themselves in a simpler and maybe even friendlier time. Pitt Street Pharmacy is one of those places. Situated in what was once the heart and soul of Mount Pleasant, Pitt Street Pharmacy is more than a place for folks to run and grab an aspirin.

“The whole focus is on customer service, and of course you hear it all the time, but we really care about our patients,” said Roz Adams, who wears many hats at the pharmacy. “A lot of our time is spent on our patients — we don’t just hand out prescriptions. We are a 98 percent compounding pharmacy, that means that we make individualised medications. We do very little regular pharmaceutical drugs, we make all of ours.”

The old-fashioned soda fountain keeps memories alive in longtime members of the community and forges new ones in others, and as long as Adams has something to say about it, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies won’t get a stranglehold on either of their health care. —Skyler Baldwin