Ruta Smith

The local Best for Business podcast will be an outlier in your podcast feed. The show is not too long, but not short either; has great audio quality, but not overly produced; and features great local guests, many of whom you have not heard from before. Every other week, Dan Anderson and Patch Whisky bring on movers and shakers in the local arts and creative scenes for interviews and discussions about Charleston culture and what makes it special. The show is usually one-half personal interview by Anderson and one-half zany, off-the-wall Q&A by Patch.

I got to sit down with the Best for Business guys last September. They pulled a fast one on me when I asked to talk with them about our podcast issue, demanding an interview of their own. Even after having listened to a few episodes, I still had no idea what to expect. But the dudes know how to set the stage for a friendly talk between a few people who just met each other — managing to touch on everything from the lifesize John Wayne cutout in my childhood bedroom to stories of Ric Flair’s appearances at my high school pep rallies. Well, the shots helped too. —Sam Spence

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