Two Girls & a Guy, 95SX

The popular 95.1 FM WSSX weekday morning show “Two Girls & a Guy” — a giddy, four-hour mix of regular rotation Top-40 tunes and chatty around-the-water-cooler morning banter — obviously has enough pep to keep the attention of a majority of voters in this year’s Best Local Radio Show category.

Cohosts Tanya Brown, Steve “The Guy” Waters, and Brooke Ryan (she replaced original hostess Karen Paige, who left the show when her Indiana radio boyfriend proposed to her on the air during an episode in 2005) can be heard 5:30-10 a.m. on weekdays, yapping mostly about American Idol, the latest Hollywood gossip, American Idol, the latest Tyra episodes, American Idol, various light current events, American Idol, local nightlife and sports scores, and insignificant pop culture events. And American Idol.