WTMA’s airwaves can be dangerous territory for a politician — just ask Sandi Engleman, whose reelection bid to the school board was ruined after she said what was perceived to be a racist comment in 2006. County Council candidate Nancy Cook should have taken note. In April ’08, Cook was on WTMA talking about unfit parents when she made a statement she couldn’t shovel back into her mouth fast enough. “We’re not standing up as people and saying that we’ve had enough of that,” she said. “We’re not paying for another baby, maybe one baby, but after that, we’re taking the baby. And maybe you get sterilized. I know that sounds kind of extreme and radical, but we’re in times where — think about America. When is it OK for America not to be No. 1? When did we get out of that?” Cook defensively claimed afterward that she wouldn’t dream of suggesting that you get sterilized. She was already facing an uphill battle for the Republican nomination against popular Curtis Bostic, and the incident didn’t provide anything but bad publicity.