Greg and Jennifer Horton were I’on’s first permanent residents, and they think it’s an ideal place to raise their two daughters. From a community and environmental perspective, I’On is the kind of neighborhood we need more of. Everything’s within walking distance of the 600 homes, there’s no crime, there’s lots of public greenspace, and high density, single-family homes mean you can live the American dream without (technically) needing a car. There’s a lakeside amphitheater where the Blue Dogs jam and the local Montessori school puts on plays. It’s all so very perfect.

“There’s no major crime that I know of,” says I’On marketing and PR director Drew Grossklaus. “We aren’t a gated community and we’re open to the public.” Two churches are being built in the neighborhood, and there’s already a club with tennis and swimming facilities and a commercial area that includes a pub and grill, clothing stores, and a hair salon.


“I’On is really modeled after back in the ’50s, when a lot of neighborhoods were designed this way before the onset of sprawl,” says Grossklaus. “This was brought back by a place called Seaside, Fla., and some of those developers who worked on that one also helped design I’On.”

Geez, it is perfect. Good thing you’ll never want to leave, because you can’t, Truman!