The Harbor View merge on James Island has been a nightmare for years. First, you’ve got the local yokels who refuse to use the right lane themselves and will be damned if they’re going to let anybody else get by them on the right, so they straddle both lanes, preventing the big-city folks (i.e., people from cities and states where road planning makes sense) from moving traffic along. Every once in a while, a war in The Post and Courier’s letters to the editor erupts with people arguing about what the protocol should be on that stretch of road. Finally, one day a new sign appeared, which — for a while at least — seemed to clear things up. Merge alternately when congested. Seems clear to us. But we guess old habits are hard to break. You’ll still see people taking a place at the back of the long line of cars in the left lane instead of using the right lane to keep things moving.