Joel Frank

WCOO, The Bridge at 105.5

Four years ago, veteran rock deejay Joel Frank was low on the totem pole at the Bridge. These days, he’s the station’s full-time music director, assistant program director, and midday jock. His efforts to promote visiting bands, local gigs, in-station interviews, and other special events is impressive, but we like his smart-alecky on-air manner best of all. Like his station teammate The Critic, Frank likes to share his opinions with listeners. Sometimes he cracks a comment with such vigor and venom, it earns a few loud guffaws — whether it’s something specific or trivial about a tune, an artist, a label, or commentary on the state of rock ‘n’ roll in general. Knowledgeable and opinionated DJs who actually oversee a playlist, take calls, and speak live on the air are becoming a rare phenomenon in FM radio these days. Frank and his wise-ass demeanor are a valuable asset to the scene.