Lowcountry Oyster Festival

Mt. Pleasant. Boone Hall Plantation. 1235 Long Point Rd. 884-4371

It’s hard to imagine the figures that follow, but brace yourself, because this glorious celebration of Lowcountry gluttony happens only once a year — on the Sunday a week before the Super Bowl — and did we mention you’re stuffing your face for a good cause? The Lowcountry Oyster Festival, which recently rang in its 24th year, benefits the Ronald McDonald House, Hollings Cancer Center, Travel Council, and the Charleston Science Materials Resource Center. It’s BYO knife and glove for brazen bivalve-breaking extraordinaires, and don’t forget your state flag bib.

• 65,000 pounds of oysters

• 85 gallons cocktail sauce

• 5,000 packets of crackers

• 200 kegs beer

• 600 cases Coke and Pepsi

• 32 cases energy drinks

• 3,000 rolls paper towels

• 50 cases wine

• 1,200 bottles Texas Pete