Fetch Doggy Day Care

1990 Ashley River Road. West Ashley. (843) 225-3647

Daycare for dogs seems like quiche for real men. They don’t eat it; they don’t need it. That is, until you own a terrier whose reserves of energy rival those of OPEC. I know of what I speak. I own a Boston terrier. He could wear out an Iron Man triathlete. And when you’re heading out of town for a while, kennels are just too iffy. The last time I sent my dog to one, he spent a week sleeping on a concrete pad. When I came back, I found him with a raspy cough and a snoot full of snot. That’s why I prefer places like Fetch Doggy Day Care. The service was great and the people were friendly. Best of all is the building. It’s one big room with partitions separating dogs according to size, where similar dogs can play with each other all day. When I came back for my dog, he was clean, well-fed, and somewhat sad to leave.