Artist & Craftsman Supply

143 Calhoun St. Downtown

(877) 560-4507

Granny’s Goodies and Atomic Comics were two of the best places downtown to find quirky, ironic items, particularly from the company Accoutrements, which specializes in “clever and original gifts.” Things like Devil Duckies, Yodeling Pickles, and Chicken Chukkers. When both those stores closed, we thought we were out of luck when it came to finding a Crazy Cat Lady or Jesus Action Figure. But Artist & Craftsman Supply has ably stepped in to fill the void. Their new location, in the basement of the Knights of Columbus, is just as big and rambling as the old space on Upper King, and the front of the store has plenty of crazy crap to buy for your own amusement: a package of mustaches, mega brows, and a bunch of other ridiculously hilarious items. Oh, and they still have the best selection of supplies for artists, too. —Stephanie Barna