The Book Exchange

1131 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley

(843) 556-5051

We were curious about what was at the new location of the Book Exchange. What we found was wall-to-wall paperbacks of just about every kind of genre you can imagine — romance, westerns, sci-fi, and mysteries. You want Mary Higgins Clark? She’s in there. Larry McMurtry? No problem. How about George R.R. Martin? Yep. Then there’s commercial nonfiction on gardening, weight loss, nutrition, spirituality, whatever. All can be found in some shape, form, age, and number for just a few bucks. The novel thing (yes: pun intended) about the Book Exchange is the nice lady behind the counter. She keeps her little dogs nearby. The little guys greet you with a lick, a whimper, and then leave you alone to browse.