Crosby’s Seafood

Downtown. 382 Spring St. 937-0029 Folly Beach. 2223 Folly Road. 795-4049

The Crosby’s Seafood shops are part of the Sustainable Seafood Initiative, and as such they believe wholeheartedly in working with local fishermen and shrimpers to provide the freshest catch they can. Linda Fuller at the Folly Beach location says they try to keep everything local and avoid anything frozen. During the off-season, they will go to North Carolina and Florida for items like shrimp and flounder, and she admits to stocking the ever-popular farm-raised salmon (for which we can easily forgive them).

Crosby’s works with a couple of local fishermen, who bring in black fish, grouper, tuna, and mahi. They also buy shrimp from Neal Cooksey (Hailey Marie) and Lucky (Lucky Shalom).

“Then, of course, we have our oystermen,” says Fuller, referring to the local guys who traipse in with bushel after bushel of locally-gathered bivalves, which are in season right now (as if you couldn’t tell by all the oyster roasts). Crobsy’s at Folly will go through 100 bushels in a weekend, but sometimes that number goes even higher. “Some weekends are nuts,” says Fuller. And when your oysters are cashed, you can bring the shells back to Crosby’s and they’ll make sure they get back to the center on Sol Legare, where they’re recycled and sent back to the waters to create beds for future clusters.