Poe Studio

819 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.

(843) 573-4884


I’m bad at Christmas shopping. I know this. My wife knows this. That doesn’t bother her as much as this: I deny it. When she reminded me this past holiday season that I had only two more days to go shopping, I said I had plenty of time. That is, until I didn’t. That’s when I scrambled. I poked my head in every gift shop in West Ashley looking for a good gift. That’s the thing about me: I’m lazy as well as picky. Not a good combination. After looking at the many splendid gifts that no man can make sense of, the kind proprietor offered her assistance. Do you have anything shaped like a dragonfly (my wife loves ’em)? Yes, she said, but it’s at home. Within five minutes, her husband schlepped the perfect hand-made dragonfly-shaped brass necklace over. I bought it immediately. Thanks, Poe. You saved me from getting a bad gift, and you also saved me from having to admit I was wrong all along.