O’Malley’s Bar and Grille

549 King St. Downtown.

(843) 805-5000


So you’ve been dating this guy or gal for a while now, and you’re getting tired of them. And frankly you don’t have the marbles to break it off. Your significant other is a bit of a Ned Flanders, who not only cringes at foul language but has never seen a comedy that wasn’t stamped with the Buena Vista seal of approval. Caddyshack. Never seen it. The Triple Lindy. What? Navin Johnson. Who? The solution: Head on over to O’Malley’s on Tuesday at 7 p.m. for live trivia featuring host (and former City Paper newsman) Bill Davis. All you have to do is wait for Davis to do what he does best — spout out one filthy zinger after another — and refuse to leave. Your blue-humor hating sweetie’s only recourse will be to break up with you on the spot.