Sarah Pack/MUSC

Not only does the Medical University of South Carolina save lives, but according to our readers, MUSC is a great place to work, too. That might sound like a tough thing to pull off for a place that specializes in the sometimes exhausting medical field, but they make it work. “We try to create an environment where people feel respected, they feel valued and they feel as though they are making a positive contribution to the lives that we have the privilege to serve,” Darrick Paul, MUSC’s chief people officer, said. “We endeavor to treat our staff consistent with the way we want them to treat the patients.” Although there are times when the staff has to face emotional challenges, such as informing patients of illness and trauma, they get to be a part of the healing. “There are people that are in health care that are altruistic individuals,” Paul said. “They really want the best for individuals. They want to make sure that we can put people in good positions.” —Heath Ellison

Runner Up: Charleston Animal Society