Sandi Engelman’s CPT comment

Weeks before last November’s election, Sandi Engelman (never one to parse words) tried to defend her spending habits on the district’s dime by accusing Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson of being late for flights because she was on “CPT.” The phrase means a variety of things, but in context, listeners took her to mean the most common definition: Colored People’s Time. Engelman later explained that it meant “Certain People’s Time,” but no one was buying and she eventually lost her seat on the school board after the black community promised they wouldn’t be late on election day. Good try, Sandi, but here’s 10 things that CPT really does stand for:

• Colored People’s Time (the most well-known definition)

• Christian Peacemaker Teams (the religious activist definition)

• Camden Property (the Wall Street definition)

• College Placement Test (ironically, the scholastic definition)

• Current Procedural Terminology (the medical definition)

• Charge, Parity, and Time (the physics definition)

• Certified Performance Technologist (the consultant definition)

• Consistency Point Technologies (the technical definition)

• Carnivore Preservation Trust (the animal-lover definition)

• Compagnia Pisana Trasporti (the foreign definition)